Tuesday, November 30, 2010

#10 Bag, Medium Project Bag, rose chenille

Medium Project Bag, rose chenille
This is such a sturdy bag and being in between the large and small is a very versatile style.  The little rose button is the only one I had and it was perfect.   

#9 Bag Small Project Bag, brown paisley (Sold)

Small Project Bag, brown paisley
This is a great size for a day tote and even for a purse (see information under blog title for size dimensions).    I use one this size for my small knitting projects that I transport daily.

#7 Bag Large Gold Matelasse (Sold)

Large Gold Matelasse Project Bag
This material was interesting.   Matelasse is a french word that means quilted, in fact what makes this fabric quilted is the chenille, that surfaces on the outside of the fabric around the terra cotta images, is carried behind the fabric which makes it pucker and give it depth so the wrong side of the fabric is totally covered in the gold colored chenille that runs crosswise.

#6 Large poppy project bag

Large Poppy Project Bag
This is a great size for any project you might be into at the moment.   I use one like it as a knitting tote and take it everywhere.   I started putting some old buttons on them for closures so each one is different.   A friend wanted me to put this fake fur around the top of hers and I LOVED IT!   So now I'm putting it on other ones too.   Lets hear it for the fake fur!!

#5 Bag, Large project bag, clay & olive chenille (Sold)

Large Project Bag
This was one of my favorites!   I love the fabric on the outside (I don't think I can get any more of it) and I love the linen inside lining.   I cut at random on purpose so the pattern doesn't match because I like the hap-hazard look.    I sold it to a good friend for a Christmas present.   Sorry to see it leave the house.   It is like sending off the little ones that I never had.

#4 Bag Tall Tote, Brown paisley

Tall Brown Paisley Tote
This tote is made from thick paisley embroidered chenille. It is very sturdy a durable with the dimentions and features as stated above under the blog title.   This is a great tote I use one like this every day to haul things upstairs and back down again.   How did I live without one for so long!

Friday, November 26, 2010

#3Bag Tall Tote, poppy $114

Tall Poppy Tote    Click here to purchase.   $114
I love this tote and it has become one of my favorites.  The dimensions are 17" tall x 9" deep x 14.5 wide.  The bottom is reinforced with gater board and has 6 metal feet attached.